Why You Should Limit Phone Time For Your Teen

When your child was small, they most likely couldn’t go to bed at night unless they had their favorite blanky or stuffed animal. Well, just because they’re “all grown up” doesn’t mean they still don’t have dependencies. Teens today can’t seem to go to bed, or anywhere else for that matter, without their beloved smartphone by their side.When I was...[ read more ]

3 Reasons Why Play Therapy Is So Effective

Through play, children discover the world around them and their feelings about it. Play is also how children communicate these often-complex feelings. This is what makes play therapy such a powerful treatment. Pretending offers children the opportunity to “finally” be in charge and express what if feels like to be them.Here are some more reasons why play therapy is so...[ read more ]

Adlerian Play Therapy

I am excited to return to the Texas State University Institute for Play Therapy on September 6th to present on Adlerian Play Therapy.   Facilitator: Kate Halinski Date: September 6, 2019 10 CEs Workshop Abstract In this interactive workshop, we will focus on the therapeutic value of integrating the concepts of Adlerian Theory with the practice of play therapy. You...[ read more ]

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