How do I make an appointment?

Call 210-387-0558 to set up a time for your free phone consultation.

What can I expect during my first session?

Your first session will be an “intake” session, which means you will have a chance to get to know me and I will have a chance to get to know you and your concerns. This will be a time that you can decide whether I am the right fit for you.  If you are wanting me to work with your child, the first appointment will be a parent consultation meeting in which I will meet with you without your child. In this appointment, I will learn more about your child and your concerns as well as help you prepare them for therapy.

How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?

I understand no two individuals are the same, and I tailor our sessions together to address challenges unique to you and your family. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles or your child’s struggle and address those issues with long-lasting strategies to encourage insight and healing.

How long will it take?

Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them and the length of time counseling can take to allow you to accomplish your goals depends on your desire for personal development, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek counseling in the first place.

How long is each session?

Individual sessions for all ages average around 45-50 minutes. When working with children or adolescents I may shorten the session in order to consult with parents. Other treatment formats such as group or family counseling may last longer depending on the need of the individuals involved.


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